Refund Policy

For Newly Admitted Student

  • If the number of admitted candidates is less than 30% of the admission capacity in any self supporting programme, that programme will be suspended and the application fee will be refunded to the candidates.
  • Any candidate found medically unfit, shall be entitled for refund of admission fee. The application for refund must be submitted within 30 days from the issue of selection notice.
  • The entire fee collected from the student, after deduction of the processing fee of Rs.1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) shall be refunded and returned to the student/candidate withdrawing from the programme provided the seat consequently falling vacant has been filled by another candidate on the waiting list by the last date of admission.
  • In case of Non Resident Indians (NRI), the candidate shall deposit the total fee either in lumpsum for the entire study period or instalments (year-wise) within six working days of the admission. The tuition fee is non-refundable and not covered under Refund Policy.

For Students on Roll

  • The student taking Compartment Examination(s) will be allowed to register for next semester even if he/she comes under dropping under Semester Rule 7.6.4(b) for UG and 7.6.4(c) for PG students.  However, if he/she fails to meet the required OCPA under the above rules after declaration of the result of compartment examinations, he/she will be dropped from the university permanently as per rule 7.6.4(b) and 7.6.4(c).  Further, fee paid by the student, who is dropped for that semester will be refunded provided the student applies within 30 days after dropping.

For Security Deposits

  • If a student after completion of a particular programme in one Constituent College of the Punjab Agricultural University seeks admission in another Constituent College, he/she would be required to deposit fresh security in the latter College.  He/She can claim refund of the security from the previous College by producing ‘no dues certificate’ to the College authorities with whom his/her security was lying. The security of the student can be transferred to the College where the student seeks admission for the subsequent occasion provided he/she applies for the same along with ‘no dues certificate’ to the Dean of the College where he/she was student in a particular programme.
  • The refund from the security funds would be allowed to the students after pre-audit or the like manner as other payments are drawn from the Punjab Agricultural University funds.
  • The students can claim refund of College Library Security and Book Bank Security after he/she completes a particular programme in the College or leaves the College otherwise by producing ‘No dues Certificates’ from the office of the Director Students’ Welfare, Librarian, Incharge, Book Bank, NCC/NSO/ NSS Instructor and Ledger-keeper.
  • The claim for refund of Hostel Security shall be entertained by the Director Students’ Welfare through the Dean of the College concerned.
  • The securities not claimed for three semesters succeeding the end of the semester in which the student leaves the college either by completing particular degree/diploma programme or otherwise, shall lapse.

Change of Rules

  • Refund of fees/security is subject to various rules and regulations of the University applicable from time to time.
  • University reserves the right to change refund policy any time without giving any notice.